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  • Version: 2014
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CheatBook 2014 Free Download

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Playing video games is really fun but we all get to a level that we just can’t pass because of how hard it is or because we can’t find a certain thing. With the CheatBook software you will be able to find any cheat you need to pass those games with ease.

This is the ‘go to’ tool for any gamer because it is basically an encyclopaedia of cheat codes. Whether you want to pass an entire game with ease or simply get through a rough patch in a game, CheatBook will be there to give you a helping hand.

This software is a helping hand for getting through those tough parts in games. Not only will CheatBook help you by giving you cheat codes but it also has entire walkthroughs for getting through games. This tool is compatible with a large variety of different consoles and will even keep a history log of the cheats used.

CheatBook DataBase 2011 is one of the most complete encyclopedias of cheats for any kind of game. Any gamer can use the database for finding cheats and tutorials on how to get through a particularly hard part of a game. If you want a few extra weapons and tools to survive the game you are playing, CheatBook DataBase is the resource you would want for help. Features include:

- comfortable adding of individual cheats

- cheats can be edited more easily now

- separate section with solutions

- files and images can be stored

- simple survey of informations about the cheat

- statistics

- comfortable filter conditions

- consoles cheats added

- 17 different consoles now possible

- search machine was revised

- link manager

- history log - News and Updates

- private user data base

- Import old Own Bases

- Skins

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